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Love the feel of laceups without the hassle! Convert your laceup gloves to velcro with ease.
Improve reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. Develop timing, hand speed and accuracy of movement. Build quickness and agility while increasing stamina. Cord tension can be adjusted for novice or advanced users. Punch ball is soft, durable and designe
The perfect strap for hanging your heavy bag.

Protect your Bag's Metal Rings from Premature Wear;
Made of Heavy Duty Triple-Layered Nylon;
Heavy Duty Roller Buckle and D-Ring;
Adjustable from 7" to 13" for a Perfect Custom Fit;
Supports Up to 350 l
Latex bladder.

ÊInflatable for all Everlast double-end bag sizes and select speed bags.
ÊUsed for: 6" x 4", 8" x 5", 9" x 6" bags.
- Microfiber odorless material

- New expanded training area with an 8.5 inch width

- Special extra padding on the palm for that tight fit and an inner wrist absoption buffer to guard against inaccurate strikes
- Microfiber odorless material

- Lightweight kick pads with one strap for comfort of trainer

- Shorter than #KPLC5 1 inch
Showingof 30 item(s)