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Cleto Reyes Cleto Reyes Cheek Protection Headgear
A traditional boxing headgear that gives you the best sparring experience. The custom T-shaped closure delivers a perfect fit and prevents it from shifting mid-fight. It has a light, low profile design with the widest field of view in its category. T3 Hea
High-Quality Premium genuine leather
Completely Handmade in Thailand
Ideal for Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing sparring or competition
Cheeks protections for maximum safety
Sizes available: M-L-XL
Match Level Protection: Durable outer layer to absorb high impact blows and spreads the force over a larger area, shielding your teeth and gums from injury.
Great Custom Fit: The fitting fins break down in the fitting process to grip your teeth in all th
- Made from premium leather.
- Anatomically designed to allow maximum protection.
- Designed to allow maximum vision.
Showingof 18 item(s)