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Dynam Gauntlet Grips

Keep ripping your hands on the pull-up bar? Not looking forward to the next two weeks of training afterwards? We know it’s brutal so slap on a pair of these babies and get some protection. Pull-ups, toes to bar, rope climbs, muscle-ups, kettlebells, ba
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  • 100% dyed leather. It's soft and supple but still maintains a high degree of durability. This leather holds chalk well and molds itself to your hand and the bar with minimal break-in time.

  • 3-finger full-coverage palm for extra protection on the rings and is long enough to hook over the bar and act like a lifting strap.

  • Leather backed hook and loop wrist strap that wont cut into your hands or forearm and it's long enough to fit over your wrist wraps!

  • Huge metal hardware to make them easy to throw on quickly.

  • Included storage bag to keep all the chalk off the rest of your gym bag.

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