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The padded wrist of the boxing glove, with its integrated Velcro-wrist strap, helps hold the wrist steady and guard against impact from kicks and punches The high-quality Velcro used by Twins in the wrist-strap of their Velcro Boxing Gloves will maintain
The new Twins Grass Muay Thai Shorts bring a dope vibe to the gym.

These Thai Shorts are the same pattern that Twins Special is famous for, but with a brand new style!
Each rope weighs about 1lb, made tough and durable to withstand consistently training.
These Twins Special Training Bag Gloves are made to survive the incredible punishment that world-class Mixed Martial Artists can produce. Their design emulates the classic Striking glove and gives more support at the wrist. The full thumb design and Velcr
Showingof 16 item(s)